Regina Dark Chocolate Protein Bar (Box of 24)

S$69.00 S$44.90 (Inclusive of GST)

Established in 1932, this dark chocolate is infused with protein and fiber, crafted by a renowned Portuguese chocolate maker. It contains no added sugar, synthetic sweeteners, and is gluten-free. The chocolate uses a blend of unsweetened cocoa from Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire, each comprising 50% of the total.

This chocolate is not sweet but is very rich, likely due to the protein content. It is recommended to melt it in warm milk to make milk chocolate, ensuring a balanced flavor profile while providing the benefits of protein and fiber (equivalent to over one serving of lettuce per bar). It is ideal for desserts or pre/post-workout nutrition.

Size: 14.5 × 3 × 1.5 cm

Due to weather conditions and handling during shipping, products may melt or become deformed. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by melting during transit, as factors beyond our control can affect the product condition. We strongly recommend refrigerating the items before consumption. We take every precaution to securely package our products to prevent melting. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

HOW: Simply open the package for immediate consumption.
WHEN: You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, whenever you like.